Doctoral student Ick (Rick) Hoi Kim receives two awards.

Doctoral student Ick Hoi Kim (one student partner of the GeoTech Center Project)  has received two awards as part of the Geography Department's ESRI Development Center (EDC) program.
The first is being named "Student of the Year" for our EDC. Every EDC names one Outstanding Student from their program to receive recognition and a $500 scholarship. Ick Hoi (or Rick as he prefers) is our first student to receive this award.  Rick also has been chosen from all EDC Outstanding Students to receive one of two Special Achievement Awards from ESRI to be presented at the ESRI International Users Conference July 13-19, in San Diego. He will receive a $2000 honorarium along with his award. Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou is Rick's Doctoral advisor.  Rick helped the SDSU team review the newest GIS career learning modules in July, 2009. 

2009 Innovative Program Award Winner GeoTech Center:  Kenneth Yanow, Phillip Davis, and Dr. Ming-Hsiang Tsou receive HI-TEC Innovative Program Award.

GeoTech Center is awarded the HI-TEC Innovative Program Award
The HI-TEC Innovative Program Award is designed to recognize a team of advanced technology education professionals that has designed and implemented a significant innovation, which has led to a positive impact on student enrollment, retention, and/or advanced technology education. This year's recipient is GeoTech Center for its Two-to-Four-Year Articulation Program in Geographic Information Systems. The complete press release is available at