This page lists some online resources emphasizing GIS education research.

ESRI Education ArcLessons
A Web storehouse of indexed lessons for using GIS in the classroom.

ESRI K-12 Education
Demonstrates how GIS can assist teachers in engaging students in activities requiring critical thinking about spatial information. Site includes links to lessons and other resources for use in the classroom.

Geospatial Research Portal
International Web resource portal aimed at students and researchers.  Includes links to institutions, training, online education and research papers on geospatial sciences.  It also provides awareness about the online education being conducted by various organizations in different countries...

The Difference Between GPS and GIS
Classroom lessons, readings, media, and other links to aid educators with teaching GIS/GPS to the K-12 audience...

GIS Textbook for iBook on iPads
The Introduction to GIScience textbook project provides you with a collaborative opportunity to engage students by contributing your GIScience content or expertise to a free interactive digital textbook formatted for iBooks on iPad.

GIS Journals

International Journal of Geographical Information Science
This interdisciplinary and international journal published by Taylor & Francis aims to provide a forum for the exchange of original ideas, techniques, approaches and experiences of GIS.

Journal of Geographical Systems
This journal published by Springer aims to encourage and promote high quality scholarship on important theoretical and practical issues in regional science, geography, the environmental sciences, and planning.

Transactions in GIS
This journal published by Blackwell focus on the GIS development and connections with related technologies.

GIS in Action


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