Old Mapping Prototypes


Water Quality Monitoring in La Paz (ArcGIS 9.3 Java Script API Virtual Earth)

The ESRI provides the ArcGIS Server APIs for the Google Maps API, the Microsoft Virtual Earth, Flex and Microsoft Sivlerlight. Among them, this web application is developed by the ArcGIS JavaScript Ext. for Microsoft Virtual Earth. Identify and Layer toggling functions will be implemented.

virtual earth


Water Quality Monitoring in La Paz (ArcGIS 9.3, Virtual Earth and OpenLayers)

This online mapping application is developed by ESRI ArcGIS Server 9.3 and OpenLayers. This application is slower than the web application by ArcGIS JavaScript Ext. for Microsoft Virtual Earth. However, this web application can show the layers. The OpenLayers that support the ArcGIS rest services is not stable yet.



Participatory GIS with Google Maps

The Participatory GIS is a web application so that users can share their opinions about target places. Developing of this application is in progress. Now, you can post your opinion and see the lists that other users posted. When you click the hyperlink, the PGIS site will show up and automatically log in. When you click one place on the map, you can see the "Create Discourse" balloon. Then, you can write your opinion and upload photos or KML files. This web site is developed by Chung-rui Lee, Jayesh Patel  and Ick Hoi Kim.


ArcGIS Server Water Quality Monitoring in La Paz

This web application is the basic template that the ArcGIS Server offers. When you click one of points (water quality data), you can see information about the water quality monitoring data from January to November in 2008.

Water Quality Monitoring ArcGIS Service