Develop a web based mapping product that will provide a full map of the Baja California peninsula and Gulf of California coastal areas (Sonora, Sinoloa, Nayarit, Jalisco) and islands/inlets with the ability to increase/decrease the resolution to focus at the local level.  The proposed web mapping tool to be developed using ArcGIS Server technology, will be developed in three phases with a priority on those areas of highest biodiversity value (costal lagoons, estuaries, mangroves, salt marshes, rocky points, wetlands, riparian areas, and other environmentally sensitive habitats) which are threatened by potential development

The project’s first phase will provide basic information for the entire Gulf of California region based on existing available GIS informational resources as well as detailed mapping tools for the Bahia de La Paz.

Phase I
Seek to leverage existing GIS maps developed as part of the Alternative Futures Study for La Paz undertaken by MIT and funded by ICF.

Phase II
Expand lessons learned from the previous phase to the Bahia de Loreto.

Phase III
Cover be expanded to include other priority conservation areas in the Gulf of California region which have local nonprofits positioned to partner with Pronatura to leverage the functionality of this proposed inter-active web mapping tool. Funding for phase three will be undertaken with the support of other project funders.