Phase I
  1. Develop technical advisory committee consisting of members from SDSU, ALCOSTA, Niparaja, TNC, San Diego Natural History Museum, and Guardianes de la Agua, A.C., etc.
  2. Definition of study area. PNO will work collaboratively with SDSU, ALCOSTA, ICF as well as the Nature Conservancy (TNC), Niparaja, San Diego Natural History Museum and Guardianes de la Agua, A.C. to define the study area or a list of priority sites which will need to appear in the final map for La Paz.
  3. Information Survey. Besides gathering the information generated by PNO and other project partners information surveys will be carried out in other governmental and non governmental informational sources.
  4. Information Analysis. All the collected information will be placed in a data base for its integration which will include actualization, selection, dismissal, format, statistical calculation and projection changes.
  5. Development of GIS and map production. This stage will consist in the integration of the collected data in a Geographic Information System and the transformation of this data in a specific language suitable for the development of an interactive map. It will be possible to consult this information through image layers and technical formats of the priority sites