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Last Updated: May 8, 2006

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Department of Geography, San Diego State University.





Current Progress of Mobile GIS

Currently, we are developing the use of dynamic multi-user tracking in wireless environments. Users need a mobile device with ESRI's ArcPad as a client, a GPS device, and a wireless internet connection via the mobie device.

The dynamic multi-user real time tracking software for wireless environments consist of three parts:

C++ ESRI ArcPad extension

Java Server Component

Java demonstration package

Users can see itself and other's the exact location both on a mobile device and a Google Earth.

Future Work:

Deployment of trackingserver

Test with mulitple mobile devices

The extension code has to be refactored in an more objected oriented way

The internetconnection has to be secured as an ssl connection

More information: go to Mobile GIS section in Multimedia GIS homepage


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Current Progress