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This MultimediaGIS project focuses on two major tasks. The first task is to create a multimedia GIS website which utilizes 3D presentation tools, such as Google Earth to create 3D movies and interactive mapping tools for San Diego Watershed awareness and water quality monitoring and protection education. The general public can download interactive 3D movies or Flash animations to understand the concepts of watershed management, GIS functions, environmental protection, and water conservation.

The second task is the development of a prototype system providing the user with Discourse Maps based on Google Maps. The main purpose of this task is to enable professional users to use Discourse Maps in their work in order to facilitate map-supported discussions and store the discussion flow. A special emphasis in this project is placed on the usability including an easy-to-use user interface and a satisfactory system performance.

This website was build in corporation with the San Diego State University, Department of Geography, the San Diego Foundation and the San Diego Coastkeeper. Please visit our partners.

For further information get in touch with:

Dr. Ming-Hsiang (Ming) Tsou,  Associate Professor,
Department of Geography, San Diego State Unversity.
Phone: (619) 594-0205 
E-mail:  mtsou@mail.sdsu.edu 

Dr. Piotr Jankowski, Professor of Geography
Department of Geography, San Diego State Unversity.

Phone: (619) 594-0640
E-mail:  piotr@geography.sdsu.edu