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Web-based GIS Learning Modules Designed for High School Students

Student Learning Outcome Objectives:
Upon successful completion of the learning modules, the student will be able to:
   1. Understand the value of GIS skills and the potential of GIS career (module 4).
   2. Explain the fundamental GIS concepts, coordinate systems, and the idea of Digital Globe (module 1).
   3. Describe at least two GIS applications in various industries and careers (module 2).
   4. Identify at least two new directions of future GIS research (such as mobile GIS, multimedia,         visualization, and participatory GIS (module 3).

GIS CAREER LEARNING MODULES Version 1.0 (created by 10/25/2006)
Learning Module 1: The Digital Globe
(revised 9/22/2006)
The Digital Globe
Download Documents Exercises Instructions:
  • Word Format(3.5MB)
  • PDF Format(1MB)
  • Answer Sheets:
  • RTF Format(30kB)
  • Word Format(28kB)
  • Quick Web Links for Module 1


    Learning Module 2: GIS Applications in Various Fields
    (revised 9/22/2006)
    Near Real-Time Crime Incident Mapping
    Download Documents Exercises Instructions:
  • Word Format(1.6MB)
  • PDF Format(760 kB)
  • Answer Sheets:
  • RTF Format(41kB )
  • Word Format(41kB)
  • Quick Web Links for Module 2


    Learning Module 3: The Cutting Edge and Future of GIS
    (revised 10/25/2006)
    Google Map Application
    Download Documents Exercises Instructions:
  • Word Format(9.5MB)
  • PDF Format(2.7MB)
  • Answer Sheets:
  • RTF Format(35kB )
  • Word Format(35kB)
  • Online Component

    Quick Web Links for Module 3

    Learning Module 4: Putting It All Together - GIS Career Awareness
    (revised 10/25/2006)
    GIS in Our Future
    Download Documents Exercises & Answer Sheet
  • Word Format(911kB)
  • PDF Format(235kB)
  • Answer Sheets:
  • RTF Format(28kB )
  • Word Format(28kB)
  • Quick Web Links for Module 4