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About this website:

This mapping website was created by two dog lovers and
resident San Diegans. Although anyone may find this map
useful, we hope that out-of-town visitors traveling with their
dogs will find it especially beneficial. You can use the identify
button to find click on any location to find their category
(i.e. restaurant, hotel), address, phone number, and neighborhood.
Try the Query Locations & Categories button to cross reference a
location with a category, or use the Search Attributes button
and type in a word to find locations that match.

About Maggie's human:

Kristin is from the Philadelphia area and moved to San Diego
two years ago to complete a masters degree in Geographic
Information Systems. Her academic interests include habitat
and home range modeling, ecology, and Red-crowned
parrots (the focus of her thesis). She loves dogs of all shapes
and sizes, especially her golden retriever, Maggie.

About Bridger's human:

Brandi is from the Southern California area but moved to San
Diego ten years ago to go to SDSU and earn a degree in
Graphic Design in 2007. She is now getting her Masters of
Science in Geological Sciences. Bridger is her spoiled 2yr.
old Westie who loves to go to dog parks, beaches, and
restaurants. His newest interest is tracking gophers!

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