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July 14, 2005 - Fixed a bug with the Data -> Add New Map menu choice that failed to open the list of available maps.

July 10, 2005 - Added a number of enhancements and consequently modified a considerable amount of Javascript and ASP code; modified both the mapviewer.xml and properties.xml files. This Map Viewer update introduces the concept of a Map Viewer "map", which allows the developer to define and create one or more (thematic) map from the same map service. A Map Viewer map is defined with the new <map> element in the mapviewer.xml file. The developer can now use the mapviewer.xml file to control whether to enable or disable the Layers, Legend, Print, Add New Map, Properties, and About Map Viewer functions. Also, the developer can use the mapviewer.xml file to specify whether certain layers are always visible by default or whether the user can change the visibility or identify specific layers, for example. And the developer can specify which map tool (zoom in, identify, select, etc.) is active when the map is first opened. Different Map Viewer maps can access entirely different sets of layers from the same (massive) map service. In this way, a single map service can form the basis of more than one Map Viewer map and potentially reduce the number of map services to maintain. Added the ability for the developer to override the default layer visibility settings in the map service and specify which layers are visible by default when a Map Viewer map is first connected to and displayed. Also added the ability for the developer to specify which layers are identifiable, included in the legend or active for feature selection by default. When using the Add New Map function, individual descriptions of available Map Viewer maps are displayed when the mouse hovers over their titles. Map Viewer now programatically disables functions not supported by ArcMap Image servicer such as using AXL to control which layers are included in the map legend, changing the symbology of selected features and even labeling selected features. Improved the look of the legend for an ArcMap Image service. Added a new capablity for features that are identified called Pan To, which navigates and centers the map over the map feature without selecting it. Added a new Map Viewer property, Pan To Max Scale, for specifying the largest (most detailed) map scale used by the Pan To function. Added a brown color option for selected and labeled features. Fixed some bugs related to displaying and reselecting (querying) date and boolean type fields when listed in the data table of selected feature attributes. Fixed a bug so that Map Viewer always reverts back to listing Page 1 of the Data Table after the user changes the Data Table's feature listed per page property. Added a new section to the About Map Viewer page called "Mapviewer.xml Guide", which describes the type of customization applied to each Map Viewer map included in the mapviewer.xml file. Added new elements to the mapviewer.xml file, including the <map> element with the following attributes: title, desc, default, defaultmaptool, and defaultmapoption. Added a new attribute, enable, to the <layers> and <search> elements. Added new <legend>, <properties>, <print>, <addnewmap>, and <aboutnewmap> elements with the new element, enable. Added new <navigate><maxscale> elements to the properties.xml file. Added the isvivisibleon, islegendon, isidentifyon, and defaultselect attributes to the <layer> element to complement the candovisible, candolegend, candoidentify, and candoselect elements used to construct the Layers list form. Added the following new elements to the HTML form named mapForm - enablelayers, enablesearch, enablelegend, enableproperties, enableprint, enableaddnewmap, enableabout, maptitle, mapserverurlprevious, mapserviceprevious, maptitleprevious, propertynavigatemaxscale, servicetype, servicelayervisible, servicelayerdatafields, activelayer, activelayerindexprevious, activesortfielddatatypesort, searchlayerindex, navigatelayerindex, navigatelayerfield, and navigatelayerfieldval.

June 7, 2005 - In the About Map Viewer page (about.htm), added a brief discussion of using Image (*.axl) vs. ArcMap Image (*.mxd) map services with Map Viewer. Also further explained System Requirements and added more technical references to the Acknowledgements section in the About Map Viewer page.

June 5, 2005 - Added new map property for setting a maximum map scale for the Zoom To functions, which zoom to the geographic extent of selected features. This scale determines how much the map is allowed to zoom in when zooming to selected features. In the properties.xml file, the XML element path to this new property is <mapviewer><properties><feature><maxscale>. The default value for this property is 100000, which you can change in the properties.xml file. User can also interactively choose a max scale for the Zoom To functions in the Map Properties. Fixed a bug with the Layers function that failed when checking on an additional layer to identify following zooming to an identified feature in another layer. Improved performance by never refreshing map image when getting identify results.

June 2, 2005 - Now possible to easily position map viewer anywhere on the (viewer.asp) page by editing the mapviewer.xml file to specify where to position the upper left hand corner of map viewer's vertical map tool bar. The default postion has been changed to left=0 and top=55. Converted the vertical map tool bar from an HTML table format to a block of images in a <div> element. Added Back and Forward links to easily navigate between pages. Added an extra <div> element at the bottom of index.asp for optionally including static (text) content above the page footer. Added footers to all pages, which can be customized or removed if not desired. Simplified the getMapCursor() Javascript function, which sets the mouse cursor according to the active map tool.

May 26, 2005 - Modified the featureidentify.xsl, featurefind.xsl and featureselect.xsl files so that the Identify, Find, and Select feature functions support table joins. Modified comment lines in the mapviewer.xml file to improved and correct explanation of <layers> <layer> <search> and <choice> elements. Added a Downloading... message above the map shown when user performs a request.

May 18, 2005 - Added a new comment line in the header portion of each HTML, ASP, XML, XSLT, and JavaScript file clarifying that Map Viewer is placed in the public domain and is "Freeware". Map Viewer may be freely used and redistributed, is provided "AS-IS" without warranty of any kind, and there is no technical support provided. Added additional comments to the XSLT stylesheet files to explain their purpose.

May 15, 2005 - Fixed a bug with the Layers function that failed to add layers to the map legend unless they were initially visible in the map service (map configuration file). Modified the Layers function to only refresh map image if Layer visibility is changed or if the Selectable layer is changed and previously selected features need to be unselected (removed) from image. Positioned the small arrow-like image used for the Pan North (link) closer to the map. Added the Change Log.

April 30, 2005 - Map Viewer made downloadable from ArcScripts.

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